Why we won’t go fishing for the main vacation

Hi there, I’ve just got back from Kočevje lake. While S. is staying there for a week, I joint for 2 happy days. When I was driving home I was thinking about how wonderful weekend it was.

It is the beginning off the summer, a vacation time. Could fishing week be also our main vacation? I know there are fishermen who don’t ever go to the seaside vacation because they prefer staying by the lakes and rivers. Could I do that?

Namely, the weekend by the lake seemed perfect, considering that…

… I was waking up by the lake with the sun shining into the tent
…. I had my morning coffee by the water – it’s fresh and cold outside and you have hot cup in your hands while the nature is soo peaceful
… I took a swim in the lake and there were boat rides wiiii
… fishing and eating = it is all just one big picnic!
… I could forget about this crazy, fast forward living world once the phone battery is gone
… I could see new places. On Saturday I’ve really enjoyed a walking tour through Kočevje. I mean, have you noticed already how amazing and full of water is this town?! Look!



… fishing means I have time to relax and read everything i want. And here I mean books, not blogs, not apps, not emails, not Kindle, books. Good, old-fashioned paper books.

But! Why can we then spent our vacation fishing? Why do I have to go anywhere else? Well, you see…

….whatever you say – lake is not and will never be a seaside. I want to smell mediterranean pine trees and the salt in the air. The lake water smells like muddy water and then you smell like it and you know what – after having a bath in there no one can say he/she is clean. (and so all the funniest girl&boy activities are off).

… due to unknown reason my feet keeps cold whenever I sleep in the fishing tent. I have tried different sleeping bags, I have been sleeping without any socks and with at least 3 pairs of them, in the middle of the winter or in warm summer. I swear, one night my feet will freeze up together into a tail and I will wake up like a freakin half-frozen fish!
P.s. if you read that and you happen to be working in a camping-industry please, please, do invent a sleeping bag which will keep my feet warm.

… then, a cold feet means fuller blatter so I have to go in and out the sleeping bag like 100 times per night. (Just to remind you, being a girl means you have to go into the woods in the darkest time of night and while the forest is something very very loud in the night, you have to put your trouser down, show your bottom to i don’t know which animal can see me and just hope for the best…)

… I know, whenever I whine like this some smart as* has to speak up “Why haven’t your fisherman warmed you up?” Dear romantic soul, sadly to say but the thing is: when the night falls, fishes come first and the girlfriend comes second (or third, or fourth, or tenth – depending on a number of the bites he had that night).

For a better visualisation, let me show you our “outdoor bedroom”. As you can see, we lie down apart, so he can get up and run out when the fish is on and any kind of cuddling is a big no no.

fishing bedroom

p.s. @Blaž from the Team Bunnyeffect thank you for letting me your deckchair.

As you can see it was a very nice and sunny weekend. However I still can’t wait to go to the seaside vacation.

Big announcement

From this week on Dampet blog has a little brother! You can find it by typing in or just googling for Team Bunny Effect. It is my <3, Simon and his good friend Blaž, the fishing team, who finally made their site and also fb page (@Team Bunny Effect).

You know how every coin has two sides. Well the same goes for our stories. Thus from now on, you can always check both – his ( and her ( version of the truth 🙂

Shopping with my fisherman

Shopping with men

Pssst, do you see that beautiful shirt in my bag? I’ve just bought it, I couldn’t resist it any more, as it was begging me to do take it with me every single time I passed by HM…

When I was at the cashier’s, I asked her to take it without a plastic bag. I like to recycle + I didn’t want S. to notice it in the first moment I would walk through the door. The whole situation reminded me so well to the other afternoon when we went to buy some fishing equipment.

S. took me with them to buy some fishing stuff. I could see on my own eyes how stories about fishermen secret shopping were true. Every man in the shop that have chosen something green and grey (and that’s it in the fishing equipment colour palette), has then asked the cashier to take the bags, boxes and price tags off.

And that wasn’t it. I could see so many man-shopping-myths being broken!

First of all, they have patience for 3-hours long shopping with a shopping basket in their hands! They are eager to discuss different brands, novelties, pros and cons of every single product for hours. I know we have grey and black benches in shoe shops. Please, men, add some pink bench into fishing gear shop for us too!

Secondly, men have emotions. Do you know the feeling when you find the cutest dress, that you have to smile, squeal and dance and the boy beside you just rolls his eyes out? Well, they just fake it, because oh men, in fishing shop they can get so thrilled and even show their love in public!

There is no need to mention how thrilled S. was throughout whole day. I mean, it makes me jealous of those fishing thingies as his eyes have never shined as bright as they did in that particular moment when we entered the fishing shop. Ok, so now you know, it’s not the wife’s nightly duties that bring fishermen to life, it’s his new fishing pod.

Happy fisherman

I mean, just look at this happy face!

Never mind, I don’t want to be very bitter about it. Otherwise his friends win as they advised him not to take me with him. I totally get it, it’s the phobia of an angry wife who realizes that her man has spent his last 100 Euros on buying food for fishes or something even more stupid, underwater camera to observe fishes he’s going to catch and throw back into the water anyway.

Furthermore after the experience, I can say now, they are the same or worse AS (anonymous shopaholics) then women! But the situation is not fair at all. It’s easier for them due to the camouflage colours. Namely, there are few men who don’t recognize new stuff in woman’s closet. And there is a man’s room full of green-gray-ish fishing equipment, for which not one woman can tell when something new comes in.

Shopping fishing gear

The sales man asked me if I could choose some chair for myself too. “Yes, sure”, I said, “Do you have any that is not green nor brown?” I bought none.

After all – if it makes him happy, then it’s ok with me too. Plus, if we’ve already put hundreds € into his fishing gear, just imagine my shopping budget in the future…


Mud and early spring around the waters

Snow has melted down and the sky is changing its colours from clear blue to dark grey almost every hour. On those rare, but magic sunny weekend days boys don’t bother about piles of mud as they install themselves by the local ponds. I am less tough; I can’t stand there the whole day at 3 °C, with my butt in the mud as even a bear wouldn’t recognize me under a brown camouflage. I rather looked around for sunny places and check on early flowers, snowdrops coming out to meet us by the water someday soon…

Fishing in mud

Fishing in mud – the haystack was an excellent idea to survive the muddy bath by the water.

crnelo pond

Črnelo pond


Snowdrops are coming out. Must repeat my visit soon!

spring in the forest

The forest is turning into bright green!

Spring by the lake

Saint Peter above Kamnik

On Sunday S. repeated his day by the water and I decided to make the best of the sunny morning and climb higher, to St. Primož and St. Peter churches above Kamnik.

Ledavsko lake, Slovenia

How cold and windy lakes made us swim in thermal pools

It’s typical February here in Slovenia – cold, wet and muddy around the lakes. So for this month’s trip we chose to go and look around Liebmansee (A), which we know very well from the summer vacations. Then we’ve decided to stop in Cankova by Ledavsko Lake (SLO), which is just some 10 minutes driving away. We were there for the first time, but S. wasn’t really thrilled about it. It’s a pity for me, I would love to go around Goričko while he would fish here for some day. It was a grey day with plenty of cold and freezing wind which convinced us to go to one of numerous thermal pools around Pomurje region. Of course there was also plenty of good food involved through the whole day – we ate some homemade breakfast in the car with a lake-view, instead of lunch we had still warm home-rosted salty pumpkin seeds and delicious dinner at Vransko, restaurant Grof.

Liebamnnsee places to camp

This view of Liebmansee with camp-and-fish places evoke many nice memories. (S. spent here a week in the last 2 summers).


Liebmannsee swimming place

Also picture from Liebamannsee – the other pond, where we girls can swim while boys fish.

Ledavsko lake, Slovenia

There was about 9°C outside but the wind made it feel like it was – 5. I took the photo and then we simply had our breakfast in the warm car and with a beautiful view.

Chinkes, memory from Ljutomer

A cute memory of Ljutomer – we’ve made a short stop at S.’s relatives, who have a small farm on the hill among the green vineyards.

Pumpkin roasted and salted seeds, homemade.

This is the most yummie healthy snack I’ve ever eaten! It’s homemade roasted pumpkin seeds with a pinch of salt.

Terme 3000, Murska Sobota

It was soooo cold outside we simply must have visited one of numerous thermal pools around Pomorju region. This time we choose Terme 3000 with a warm inside-outside black (like oil) pool and water slides!

Restaurant Grof, Vransko, Slovenia

Also a new yummie discovery at restaurant Grof in Vransko. S. took me there as a suprise. The food is delicious and even I, with all dietarian problems (don’t eat dairy nor wheat), could choose among many many dishes!

Organic-cake-restaurant-Grof- Vransko

Still Vransko – restaurant Grof. An excellent dinner + organic cake. How could we finish the day in a better way then this?!
(+many extra points for S.)

How did all the fishing roimance begin

Our Fishing Beginnings: The First Time

Being a fisherman’s girl, my friends always ask me: “How can you put up with him being gone all the time?” What can I say, fishing has become a part of our relationship almost 4 years ago and I was there at the very beginning, so it has to be my responsibility too…

S. has started fishing as a toddler when his uncle took him along. Later, in his teenage years, he forgot about it. I always thought the stories about his fishing experiences were cute, but never imagined he could ever spend so many hours by the water in his adulthood.

Nonetheless, the year 2012 meant a turning point for us. After many years of painful walking I’ve finally gave up on my toes and have them operated. Thus, I spend my winter/spring season recuperating, being mainly inside with big bandages on my feet, waiting the snow to melt down… (Funny enough it was a spring full of snow, we had it even in April). S. on the other hand was, due to the acquisition of the company he was working for, also between jobs. So when snow finally did melt down we both had lots of free time. After some digging into the old stuff in the basement, S. managed put together basic fishing equipment. I prepared 2 sandwiches and added a seating canvas.

And so we went – a fisherman with 2 old rots and his limping girlfriend holding a ball of wool and a crochet hook. Yeah, as I had to rest for some months, I had just discovered a new hobby at that time and so I was learning to crochet!

First days of fishing

1 | I barely walked that spring, so fishing was a nice option.
2 | My first crocheted project, done by the water 🙂
3 | I still can’t believe how little fishing equipment used to be enough… Nowadays we would need a bigger car to fit all the rods whit a rod pod and chairs, etc… into it.
4 | One of the first carps S. caught at Šinkov Turn pond

It was one funny day! Sadly enough, we didn’t take any photo on that very first day. None of us thought that day would mean anything. We were so funny picture to watch – a young man fishing and a girl crocheting at 25 °C, seating there for 10 hours straight until the sun went down (We were planning to stay for only few hours but time just flew by…). At the end of that day S. was so pleased with himself. I still remember how radiantly happy he was, his face was shining from all the good mood feeling. At the same time, my face was confused. “Common man, it’s evening already, and we have no fish yet!?!” I clearly didn’t get it.

A no-fish day obviously didn’t turn him down. Years have passed now and I am slowly starting to understand just fishing itself is relaxing him. We have spent numerous hours by the waters since then, but will never forget the first day. I know I am remembered about it every time he gets home, exhausted from the fishing adventures with this ridiculously happy face on.

Podpeško Lake

Top 3 Slovenian fishing regions and its sightseeing points for 2016

»Is there any water to fish in your region? «, I’ve asked the hostess at Slovenian national tourism fair Natour Alpe-Adria 2016 in Ljubljana on the last Saturday in January. If she said yes, I wanted some more information and brochures about places I can visit while my man is fishing. There was some confusion as my two questions were quite unusual. Namely the fishing tourism is not much developed yet here, but it has an enormous potential.

In our relationship with my fisherman we follow this simple logic: We can go whatever place interests me as long as there is some interesting water nearby. Of course we have to compromise too, so after getting the materials at the fair and listening to all his wishes, we’ve made a rough plan of our Slovenian fishing destinations for the year 2016. (The home-region fishing grounds are not included.)

1. Kočevje Lake

This is the destination I didn’t really have much word about it as S. is already determined to spend at least some weekend and the whole week of early summer by this flooded-former-mine Lake. So I’ve already tried to collect as much materials as I could find at the fair. For now, I look forward to:

• Discover hidden corners of the seven centuries old town Kočevje. Starting with town walk is also the safest option, because Kočevsko region with its extensive forest areas is known to be full of of big, brown and hairy bears.
Have courage and walk into the woods. There are 25 marked trails in the brochure – from very short ones (1 hour or so) to the longest one (72 hours to walk around whole region).
Swim in the river Kolpa. To make this plan come true, I will use my car and drive for about 25 min to the South. There is a village Kostel, which I’ve heard so much about. They have an old castle, caves, waterfall and Kolpa River right on the border with Croatia.

2. Panonian region and its numerous ponds around Mura River

The North-East of Slovenia is where the great Pannonian Basin begins. The nature becomes distinctly different and there are many ponds on these green and flat fields. (So far we know Gajševci, Gezove Jame and Zasavci.)

What convinced me most, is their funny promotion – an invitation to do some treasure hunt. There are 12 interesting points (heritage places, spas, lakes…) marked and described. Each place has then 3-5 geocaching points. Ahh, can’t wait to go and play around!

3. Lake Mola nearby Ilirska Bistrica

We added Lake Mola to the list because of its options to camp in the pure nature. Around the Lake there are 10 spots, which are camping appropriate. Some say it has a potential to become such a cool place as Liebmansee in Austria, where the whole fisherman’s family can stay and have fun for the whole week. Just to mention, at Liebmansee they have a cabin, where coffee and fresh bread are served, it’s possible to shower in the real bathroom and wash the dishes in the sink and everybody goes swimming into the smaller pond next to camping place… What is there to see around Ilirska Bistrica, I have to disover yet. But for sure I believe, I won’t be bored at all!

Slovenian fishing and tourism places

Brochures from tourism fair: Kočevje town walk, Kostelsko and Kolpa River, geocaching points and Lake Mola (described from top to bottom, left to right).

This would be our rough must-see / must-fish plan for the year 2016. What is yours like?

Fisherman's hat

Special features when living with a fisherman (Part II)

There are several funny, crazy and also annoying things girl can experience when her man starts fishing. I mentioned some in the previous post and am adding some new ones today.

It takes the whole week of preps

I used to comfort myself that even when he’s gone throughout the weekend, we get to be together during whole 5 week days. Well, not so much. Extensive preparations are a must before the fishing weekend.

Let me give you an example: on Monday it’s time to look for some fish food ingredients, on Tuesday fishermen colleagues must meet to “make a plan”. On Wednesday they are all together again mixing and cooking those ingredients to prepare the ultimate combo of carp boilies. Then on Thursday they must meet again to remake the plan according to the weather forecast. And finely on Friday afternoon they are already by the pond.

There is no vehicle big enough for equipment tools he really really has to have.

He mentions now and then how it’s time for us to get a family friendly car (a van), which could fit in the baby carriage. So sweet right? I don’t get too excited anymore. I learned it’s just a dirty trick to get my blessing to buy a bigger car so more fishing equipment fits into it.

No more storage room in the closet!

We have fully crammed wardrobe. There are 5 T-shirts on my third of wardrobe and probably over 30 on his. Of those, there are probably three that are office-appropriate and a whole collection of promotional T-shirts. I mean it, like 376 T-shirts and each one is the most important one. Although he would later go and fish for the whole weekend not changing his clothes even once…

We can go where ever I want, just have to mention all the perks…

When I fancy some vacation, all I need to do is some research. I have to find out if there is going to be any water nearby. After I did my homework, it’s time to represent him the perfect destination with all the possibilities there are – rivers, ponds or sea full of biiig fishes. (After he grabs the bait, we negotiate about itinerary – for example 1 full day of fishing and 3 days of sightseeing with me).

Fishy memories of Trebon

Two years ago we did a road trip to Cheque Republic. We’d spent our last days in place called Trebon. As you can see on the map, it’s a region full of water. They are so proud of carp specialities even post card are full of fishes! We were walking along kilometres of ponds and on the rainy day visited some aquarium.

What are your experiences of living with a fishermen, how do you manage your everyday life? Write me into the comment, I’m very curious!

A memory from some beutiful summer day by the Lake Kočevje. It used to be a coal mine which is now under water.

5 Special features when living with a fisherman (Part I)

So… your man says he has a new hobby, he wants to start fishing. Maybe you like the idea of being more in the woods, romantic picnics by the lake and long weekends of relaxing fun. Putting girly dreams aside, what can you expect for real? These are some of mine experiences from the latest years:

1. Set the alarm clock

Getting up at 4 am is something very reasonable. It’s must to be the first one by the pond, to reserving his seat for the day.

2. Hide that credit card!

On his computer screen there are always some fishing shop sites open. He swears, he was just looking what’s new in the offer, but we all can recognize the shopaholic in the house…

3. It’s all about the moon…

Suddenly, we are both interested into the moon cycle. I may believe in the horoscope and he beliefs the moon cycle can mark best fishing days. Hm, who knows if I was Pisces instead of Sagittarius someday our lucky days could match?!

4. Evening monsters

We have different evening routine now. Instead of some music or relaxing movie, he has to watch Monster Fish episodes to easily fall asleep.

5. Prepare to have some company in the kitchen 

Somehow I’ve learned not to panic when he brings home a kilo of fresh (alive) little worms, puts them into your precious kitchen containers and leaves it in the fridge for the night. “It’s just for one night, honey”. Aaaaaa!

Crazy right? I find it adorable too. If nothing else, it’s good to know that by choosing fishing over drinking in the bar he is being an honest and true man!


Read the next part about everyday life with a fisherman.

Celje Old Castle

Celje castle: A non-fishing trip

On the very cold Saturday in January when you could feel the first snow was beginning to fall, we were enjoying the foggy view from the 800 years old castle. While standing on a 23 m defence rock tower, we were observing the beautiful town of Celje, pretending to be a princ and a jester (I was going to say a princess, but the expression just doesn’t fit me…).

What happened there and why weren’t we by the lake? Well, you see, dating fishermen can be hard, especially when you’re interested in discovering new places and he only seeks for another patch of water. Some call it a compromise, I say it’s un unfair deal, but once a month we try to make some non-fishing trip. That day we chose Celje and its Old Castle, which takes only 45 minutes driving to from Ljubljana and its near some other awesome place, Šmartinsko Lake.

Despite being old and partly ruined in the last centuries, the Old Castle is renovated and invites you into the very modern lobby with pretty coffee shop Veronika. The ticket costs 4 € per person with 1 € bonus for coffee included into it. Part of the reason for choosing Celje was also to avoid masses of people as we were fed up with all the new year’s celebrations and just searched for some peace. Nonetheless the minute after we’d bought the tickets, a bus full of Italian tourists entered and invaded every single rocky corner…


The central courtyard and Gotic Palatium with the defensive trench in between.


Frederick’s Tower with the panoramic point at the top. It stands here from the 14th century with its 3 m thick walls and a darkroom to hide in the middle.


Boy, I wish I had 30 kilos. So far only my right leg could take place in this funny medieval carrousel.

The last time I visited this Castle I was so charmed I wanted to come back and see more. Sadly, there wasn’t much more to see in it. There is no such thing as a museum or gallery to step in, just a nice walk by the walls.

Overall, It was a short, but nice excursion to take a break from the waters.